SA Classes THIS Weekend

Hahndorf Academy

SA Hahndorf classes

Only a few days now until the creativity begins in South Australia.  So exciting!

Saturday is BOOKED OUT.  Monday is filling with a great group but we can still fit in a chair for you.  Enrol here…

SUNDAY will be a wonderful day at Hahndorf academy if we can get the word out.  Hahndorf was a last moment addition to the schedule and hence very few people know about it.  So if you know anyone who may be interested then please ‘spread the word’ about SUNDAY.  It’s a beautiful venue and I’d be very sad to cancel. Enrol here…

Please also note that I’m driving across on Friday so communication may be a little slower.  I will check emails regularly when I stop along the way.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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I am an artist, bookbinder and teacher. I'm curious about many topics and enjoy spending time with others that are passionate about learning too.

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