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Mandala Postcard

It’s a creative Labour Day Weekend with Zentangle® classes at both the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne & the STUDIO in Lara.  Saturday – Melbourne and Sunday – Lara.  Over twenty students have enrolled over the weekend but there are still a few places if you’d like to join us.

Introduction to Zentangle starts the morning classes at both venues.  And the afternoon sees Mandala creation (Zendalas) in Melbourne and Renaissance at the studio.  Enrol in one or both classes and have a delightfully creative mini retreat!

So if you’d like to share inspiration with other creative souls then please join us –

Renaissance at the STUDIO Lara



Feeling Stressed – Draw a Line – This SATURDAY Feb 21st @ The STUDIO 4

Final call for enrolment in Classes this SATURDAY.  10am – 12.30pm  Introduction to Zentangle®. 

2.00pm – 4.30pm ZenDALA Introduction – Zentangle meets Mandalas.

The STUDIO – Lara. 

Enrol here…or phone 0433 661 925

Come and enjoy a pocket of peace while learning this art form.

Enjoy the benefits of a calm, focused and creative mind.

$39 includes all materials (including kit to take home).

Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount on class fees.

I look forward to sharing this beautiful art form with you!

A student's tile from last week's beginner class - beautiful!

A student’s tile from last week’s beginner class – beautiful! (Student’s photo – thank you for sharing)

Anything is possible - one stroke at a time

Anything is possible – one stroke at a time! (Student’s Photo – thank you for sharing)

ZenDALA Introduction

Saturday Feb 21st 2.00 – 4.30pm

Extend your Zentangle knowledge and learn the techniques of working in circles.

Mandalas are an ancient cultural art form and are simply joyous to create when you know the secrets.

All freehand – no compasses needed!

$39 All Materials included. or $35 if you bring your kit – I’ll provide the beautiful ZendALA circles.

Note: You need to have attended an Intro to Zentangle class prior to this session.

Enrol in the morning beginner class & the ZendALA afternoon and enjoy a day of peaceful creating.

Enrol here…

Zendala - Swirling Black and White

Zendala – Swirling Black and White

Table Top Tangling Takes Off

I’m so pleased that you all took up my invitation to tangle on the studio table.  Who knew it would be such fun!  And what a wonderful keepsake you have left here for other students to admire.  Many thanks!  And I’ve posted all the individual signed tangles at Table Top Tangles so you may wish to watch the work in progress.

First Signing by the Friday Five

First Signing by the Friday Five

The Studio Table

The Studio Table