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Stripes and a Double Pencil String 8

Stripes using Double Pencil string

This week’s ‘Diva Challenge‘ # 182 was to use stripes.  A great opportunity to play with tangle designs that lend themselves to borders and well….stripes.  Thanks to Margaret at ‘The Enthusiastic Artist‘, I was reminded of the channel created when using two pencils to draw a line.  Some wonderful effects can be created this way.  And as others noted – a great way to explore calligraphy too – you can see the outline of the letters that would normally be created with a square nib.  So lots to play with.

Tangles used: xyp, Hollibaugh, punzel, ennies, diva dance, shattuck, crescent moon and mooka.

Tangles used: xyp, Hollibaugh, punzel, ennies, diva dance, shattuck, crescent moon and mooka.

Here’s a closer pic of the finished tile. I found myself automatically starting to fill in the lovely curved shapes that I had intended to leave empty.  Breathing room for the ribbons of stripes… with a cheeky ‘Mooka’ that snuck inside.


Exploring Renaissance Tiles 4

Renaissance Tile Sea Theme

I’ve been exploring the beautiful ‘Renaissance Tiles’. A lovely mid tone – Tan colour that allows us to explore the contrast of light and dark in a similar fashion to the old masters.  I was aiming for an ‘Ocean Garden’ theme.

I’ve used black and brown Micron pens and white charcoal pencil for highlights.  I love that you can use such simple tools to achieve some really great effects.

'Three Friends of Winter', Zhao Mengjian, 13th Century.

‘Three Friends of Winter’, Zhao Mengjian, 13th Century.

The beautiful image above is ‘Three Friends of Winter’, Ink on paper by Zhao Mengjian, from the Famous Album Leaves of the Sung Dynasty, 13th Century.  Used here as the cover of ‘Confucius’. This is my Folio Society edition that I saved and purchased because I so loved the cover.  And it almost looks like ‘Verdigogh’ growing on the branches.

Chiaroscuro is the Italian term used to describe the sense of volume and 3D qualities that can be achieved with this method. It even sounds beautiful!  Say it out loud and hear for yourself 🙂  The British Academy of Arts Newsletter has a very informative article that includes some beautiful images of this style.  You can read it here if you you’re interested – Out of the Shadows.

We are currently graced once again by another delightful Italian Exchange student – this time named Clara.  So there’s a lot of Italian influence surrounding our family at the moment.  Bellisimo!  I’ve still much to learn about Chiaroscuro but are loving the process.

The Renaissance Tiles are a beautiful soft 100% cotton French paper.  Slightly thinner than the white tiles but very soft and buttery to work with… delightful!